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¿How to accelerate your steps to production and improve your agility with CI/CD on AWS?

The continuous modernization of companies is the engine of digital transformation, which, in turn, provides innumerable benefits such as optimizing costs, providing scalable and flexible solutions, increasing customer satisfaction and allowing a high-quality user experience, key concepts to improve the growth of your business.


On the path of modernization, the concept of DevOps is born, which seeks to integrate solutions between development and operation. The DevOps culture has grown so much in recent years that according to a study conducted by Gitlab in 2020, nearly 83% of developers report that they were able to accelerate their move to digital production faster with DevOps.


Now, CI/CD processes within the DevOps culture take care of continuous integration, along with continuous deployment, and (according to the DevOps Institute) enable delivery workflows that involve multiple teams and functions that span development teams, assurance, operations, security and finance.


In our experience across industries such as automotive, marketing/loyalty, retail, CPG, and BPO, We have seen that many organizations are actively looking to modernize with CI/CD processes that can speed up their time to production.


This is where the ability of the AWS cloud to implement productive environments quickly, agilely and in a short time is essential. AWS’ easy integration with leading CI/CD development tools ranges from repositories like GitHub or Bitbucket to testing tools like Jenkins, which, combined with native AWS tools such as CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, or CodePipeline, provides the ability to develop CI/CD with a flexible management approach, ranging from minimal to granular management flow.


Tools with which we have been able to positively influence the modernization of companies. For example, we implemented CI/CD flows with Bitbucket and AWS CodePipeline, which helped them accelerate their transition to production, speeding up tasks through automation and improving their productivity, achieving changes for the client in minutes for an important Colombian organization in the automotive sector.


In addition, we implemented a CI/CD flow using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CloudFormation in another company in the retail sector, which aimed to fully manage the infrastructure in the cloud, thus achieving benefits such as maintaining the solution over time, managing the application in an agile way and have the possibility of deploying the application in different environments.


If you want to understand how to run a successful project quickly with CI/CD or want to learn more about our experiences implementing CI/CD processes on AWS, please contact us here.