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Use your ERP SAP® data to calculate your next order with Amazon Forecast

To meet the accelerated growth of supply chain management today, more and more companies and their collaborators need the support of analytical tools to be able to plan in advance the delivery of products and guarantee that the components of their distribution network ( stores or wholesale centers) receive them within an optimal period.


Large companies manage an important part of their business processes on SAP® ERP, with a history of many years and often, this information is not being exploited or analyzed. Sometimes, there are no other sources of information (such as logs, social networks, excel files, APIs, among others) or integrations with third parties.


The important decisions of companies require data to support them and the trend to facilitate these analytical processes (increasingly growing in organizations of all sizes and sectors) is to rely on cloud infrastructure and prediction services such as Amazon Forecast, a totally management system that uses machine learning to create projections, building on the same technology used at, using machine learning (ML) to combine time series data with additional variables such as product and date metadata.


The use of Machine Learning (ML) in the supply chain frees companies from processes that have been manual or semi-automated, such as the identification of patterns and trends, facilitating the prediction of demand considering different factors that may influence it, based on the fact that the more data, better the forecast, taking into account the particularities of each sector.


Insbuilt has supported various clients in industries such as retail, Consumer Goods Products – CGP and automotive to generate projections of the demand for their products with a reliable solution that provides them with information for their planning and supply operations based on their historical data from SAP® and the analysis of future demand; in this way, generating better purchase orders that can improve the reliability and availability of products.



A simple architecture on AWS like the one we describe below can help your organization leverage the SAP® data you already have in your forecasting process in no time:

If you want to understand how to carry out a quick project using Amazon Forecast with data from your SAP® ERP or want to know more about our experiences and AWS services, contact us sources here.